3-Ply, Premium Face Masks (50-Pack)
3-Ply, Premium Face Masks (50-Pack)
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3-Ply, Premium Face Masks (50-Pack)

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3-Ply Mask - BFE > 95% TUV ISO 13485 CE

Three-layer Mask with Bacteriological filter 95% retention of suspended particles with a design that allows firm connection and a comfortable, smooth and sealing fit. Manufactured with ISO standards and in accordance with CE (European Conformity) Requirements.

  • Non-fiber-glass filter
  • Latexfree and Nickelfree
  • Optimal for sensitive skin
  • High filtration capacity
  • Perfect fitting
  • Great comfort during prolonged wear
  • Very low resistance to breathing
  • Adaptable nose bar

Mask should be disposed after each use. Store in a ventilated, dry, non-corrosive environment. Use with caution if allergic to non-woven fabric.